The work never ends….but it’s fun!

When you are publishing your own game by yourself, or even in a small team, there always seems to be one more task to do.

This weekend was dedicated to getting the latest release of Roblivion back up on the Microsoft store and updating the website. Luckily it was not very nice out this weekend, so I didn’t mind working on the computer instead of being outside. Working on the PC while it is nice outside is much more of a challenge.

There were a ton of changes to be made on the game based off of the problems that emerged after the first release. I think the biggest plus that came out of the whole disaster of a launch was the implementation of controller input for this new version of the game. It is so much easier to play now. You can still use the keyboard but the XBox One and PS4 controllers make the game movement so much more intuitive. Having to go update the game also allowed me to add a few features that couldn’t make it into the V1 version of the game.

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